Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Voyager Golden Record Spacemass present !

Cadou + Arecibo bonus de la object_d
Voyager Golden Record (1977) contine:

salutari de pe pamant(in akadiana, sumeriana, aramaica, araba, armeana, amoy, bengali, birmaneza, cantoneza, ceha, olandeza, engleza, franceza, germana, greaca, gujarati, ebraica, hindi, hitita, maghiara, ila(lambia), indoneziana, italiana, japoneza, etc)

muzica (01 bach - brandenburg concerto no 2 in f., tchenhoukoumen (senegal), cantece aborigene pentru luceafar si pasarea diavolului, chuck berry cu johnny b goode, cantecul de intiere al fetelor la pigmei, tchakrulo din georgia, beethoven simfonia a 5a, cantec de nunta din Peru, etc)

scene de pe pamant(definitii matematice, parametrii sistemului solar, spectrul solar, anatomie umana, o nastere, un tata malaez cu copilul lui, o mama alaptand, deriva continentelor, structura pamantului, etc)

sunetele pamantului (hiena, elefant, greieri, broaste, foc, vorbire, oi la pascut, fierar, cusut, sarut mama si copil, codul morse, vapor, pasi, bataia inimii, un cimpanzeu, cal si caruta, un pulsar, etc)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I then see myself very indistinctly lying in bed, just as I had seen myself at the foot of the stairs, and I am awakened by a feeling of dampness which came from the pollution.. These fellows knowing the extravagant gullibility of the age set their wits to work in the imagination of improbable possibilities, of odd accidents as they term them, but to a reflecting intellect (like mine, I added, in parenthesis, putting my forefinger unconsciously to the side of my nose), to a contemplative understanding such as I myself possess, it seems evident at once that the marvelous increase of late in these 'odd accidents' is by far the oddest accident of all.. I answer, of course, that only the analysis can decide the meaning of this dream, although I admit that at first sight it seems sensible and coherent, and looks like the opposite of a wish-fulfillment.. This identification with the brother shows with special clearness that the little one signifies the genital.. I lay outstretched where I had fallen from the balloon.. Or, as with arms outstretched and hair streaming on the wind, he chanted full lines of the resounding Iliad, I saw Homer pacing the AEgean sands in the Greek sunsets of forgotten times.. But the new additions to that structure would collapse like a house of cards but for the original foundations which are as indestructible as Harvey's statement as to the circulation of the blood.. In the dream facade one would naturally be compelled to think of the parts of the little daughter run over and ground up.. To be sure the ancient belief that the dream reveals the future is not entirely devoid of truth. The wealth of detail, the infinite care never to let anything pass unexplained, with which he presented to the public the result of his investigations, are impressing more and more serious-minded scientists, but the examination of his evidential data demands arduous work and presupposes an absolutely open mind.. The mention of this dish brings my own childhood and that of my child's near together.. VIII THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY PROCESS--REGRESSION In venturing to attempt to penetrate more deeply into the psychology of the dream processes, I have undertaken a difficult task, to which, indeed, my power of description is hardly equal.. We know from experience that the dream, even if it interrupts sleep, repeatedly during the same night, still remains compatible with sleep.. READ! ALLOPATHY.. But we are aware that this refinement is seldom completely successful even in the most normal psychic life and that our thoughts ever remain accessible to falsification through the interference of the principle of pain.. This process of reproduction partly explains the wavering statements, of a peculiar vagueness, in so many elements of the dream.. A few days before I had disbursed a large sum of money for a member of my family who is very dear to me.. Ellsworth rented, please, he requested.. And when it came to talking of those old days--if Major Talbot liked to talk, Mr.. A widow doesn't have to try to win a man; she wins without trying...

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