Tuesday, May 13, 2008


BIG APOLOGIES for the loooong wait. For those suffering from deep space sickness and gravity zero induced amnesia - The last cozzzzzzzzzzmonautica A.S.C.N.O.U. agency trip was hosted by Manuel Pelmus and Brynjar Bandlien(manymany thanks for their ideas and totally welcoming space environment). At their house, on 24.11 2007(gosh! last year) we celebrated a late-sputnik A.S.C.N.O.U. event. It was a posthumous SPUTNIK themed event inspired by a failed attempt at Ota's. Otilia came first with the idea - she told me about it at the previous cozzzmonautica at Atelier 35. Oaaaaauuu - we already have 2 editions of cozzzzmonautica in Bucharest. The next one planned for summer maybe in Zarnesti (with the help of Suzi).

The subtitle("WELCOME TO THE SPUTNIK SPA adding a little bit of human touch to the cold soviet outerspace winter") and the poster came by the way of Sebastian Big(*he's stationed in Baia Mare at the present GMT time). It follows a looong paleoastronautic tradition dating at least to von Däniken Chariots of the Gods and Dan Apostol's forgotten civilizations.
Great respect for the letters fittin' on the poster - for Vera Solomon(inca), last minute desperate gasp help(sort of).
We already have in Bucharest a steady stream of dependable cozzzmonauts - especially Ion Cotenescu(*Videogargamel) with his processing video, packing surfaces, architectures and interior design features and Sorin Paun(noize.less) with his warping swaths of dark ambient.
The Premiere were a duo of video art students exploring stereoscopic vision. They were still searching for a name so we tried to assess their style as "STEREOSCOPIC 3d vision". They are by no means blocked there, and they are updating and developing their video performance constantly since then. At some point everybody was showing off their green or blue & red shades! Everybody getting a little bit nauseated. They showed rotating planets, the dismantling and 3d reassembling of a Sputnik and a few other motion graphix that were pulling you down at the edges.
The music was great too. Minus and dj ion had a great re-scoring of the fan tribute to the german series of Sci-Fi schlock Perry Rhodan. The fans did an incredible collage of Perry Rhodan cover art and illustration. The style is very primitive and very effective. Sorin Paun showed me the 1 hour long video at the Atelier 35 Cozzzmo. It was perfect!!! Popular science in its tinkering glory.. Space explorers looking like truckdrivers... extraterrestrials very much unchanged since E.R. Burroughs.. and Minus with his modified gameboy music sounds!!
Rannou from Timisoara(immense pleasure to have her for the event as a sort of premiere) performing her smooth, decelerating particles, assuring pressurization just were it counts.
Dj black yoda(Sebastian Big) played a lot of outer space communication and transmission featuring a lot of archival material from the Russian space stations especially - The Internationale - sung in outer space, in Morse code by some lost Sputnik. He also provided a D.I.Y. SPUTNIK ORACLE. Of which i am gonna scan the following miracle: Giulgiul de la Baikonur (The Shroud of Baikonur) witnessing the miraculous apparition of the face of Yuri Gagarin inside the SPUTNIK ORACLE during this same night(although some tampering by co-pilot Kiki Dynamite was recorded on camera).
Thanks to Pedro Gomez Engana for his participation. Also Thanks u party animals for the final takeover Camil, Cosmiq Microbe and dj ion ;) !
Big thanks to all those who rushed in during the night at all hours and kept on calling me on the phone!!

Last minute space news: a youtube link by Victor 4d with the infamous Racheta Alba opening score(by Marius Teicu) of the show with the same name from the Romanian communist tv. A series of communist pioneers, proto-geeks and generally mischievous youngsters blowing up everything to the stars.(a playful version of the rocket race?).
Also from our astrofilatelist friend Alec Bartos from Cluj. He got a big prize for his design of the celebratory Sputnik stamp(going to post that as soon as i finish with the photos).


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